Little People’s Creative Workshop Franchisees
Initially Receive...

Comprehensive Initial Training - every franchisee attends Little People’s Creative Workshop® hands-on, start-up training in beautiful Greenville, NC. There, your training will cover every aspect of Little People’s Creative Workshop® business management. Our expert trainers will show you how to open and manage a successful Little People’s Creative Workshop®, to train young people in dance and theatre, to market to your local community, and to build your business, all in a comprehensive, very intense initial training program.

Manuals – You will be receiving the most comprehensive, plain spoken and easy to understand manuals in the industry. The Operations Manual is a complete, easy to follow tutorial on how to run a successful Little People Creative Workshop® business. It documents all the things you need to know to efficiently run your Little People’s Creative Workshop® business, including everything from how to hire employees to how to approach day care centers to get business. After using your Operational Manual during your comprehensive training, it will become an easy reference guide for every aspect of your Little People’s Creative Workshop® business.

Initial Inventory – Little People’s Creative Workshop® will allow you to purchase an initial supply of inventory in the start-up package to allow you to concentrate on building your business quickly, not ordering supplies. This initial supply consists of teaching materials and printed products which can be ordered online through our approved supplier.

Program Books – you will receive three Little People’s Creative Workshop® program books that contain detailed month to month lesson plans, sales techniques and ready-to-use document templates for each of our programs. These program books make starting your Little People’s Creative Workshop® simple because all the details of the programs are spelled out for you.

You will also receive:

  • Site Selection
  • Name, Trademark, Logos