Teaching opportunities

All teachers are provided with full lesson
plans and any props needed to teach.

LPCW is always looking for enthusiastic individuals who enjoy working with young children. Our instructors are passionate teachers who travel from site to site, sharing their love of dance and theatre to children ages 2 to 14. If you are interested in being a part of our team please submit your resume to the Director over your area.

LPCW evaluates and interviews teachers on an individual basis. It is important to e-mail your resume with references to the Director over the region in which you are interested in working. We hire instructors that are energetic, people-oriented, organized, professional, highly responsible, and show a love of young children. It is very important for our instructors to be able to interact with adults and children alike. PR skills are a plus! We also prefer teachers that have a dance background and experience working with young children.

LPCW trains all of our teachers intensively! The LPCW program is an age-specific, development skills curriculum—a program in which each component holds a special purpose. All teachers are provided with full lesson plans and any props needed to teach them. LPCW teachers do not have to create lesson plans. Our program is an award-winning and nationally recognized dance program for young children and it is of the utmost importance that all classes are teaching the same material simultaneously.

We have positions for part time and full time instructors. Part time instructors teach from 2-6 classes per week; and full time instructors teach from 6-12 classes per week on average. Our classes are 45 minutes long and held mostly in the mornings; with occasional afternoon classes. All LPCW teachers must have their own car. Instructors’ schedules are fixed to make it easy to work around. They do not change within a season. LPCW has two seasons: our main season is September-May; and our summer season is June-August.

LPCW instructors go into anywhere you might find young children. The majority of our classes are held in preschools, daycares, private schools, and Montessori schools. BUT, we have taught classes in athletic clubs, military bases, YMCA’s, community centers, country clubs, and many other venues! The LPCW program is a highly sought after children’s service that parents value greatly.

Our instructors’ salaries and schedules vary according to the region in which they teach. Details on these can be acquired from the Director of a particular region.